This Blog is only for Rollbackers, Administrators, Bureaucrats, and Chat Moderators to discuss ideas and issues.

Users cannot post on this board. Instead, you can post Here if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Wiki. Users who post here will be banned.




Chat Moderators:

Exempted from the no-post rule:

  • Staff from Community Central Wikia
  • Staff from the Monster Hunter Wikia and the Monster Hunter Fanon Wikia for important issues and ideas for improvement of this Wiki.

Chat Mods: How to unblock a User from the Chatroom

  1. Go to Special:UserRights.
  2. Enter complete username of the User that was blocked from the chatroom.
  3. Remove the check from the checkbox of Banned from chat.

Chat Mods: Check which users were banned / unbanned from the Chatroom

  • There are two ways to do this:
  1. Special:Log/rights
  2. Special:ListUsers (by unchecking everything then checking the Banned from chat users, and choosing "all users" from the Contributed: dropdown menu)

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