OK, so there are several areas in Monster Hunter, as you know, but there are a lot of unknown things. So that's where this Research Center comes in.

What is the research center?

The Research Center is a place where you can post your findings. There will be expedition teams for each area for each game at certain times for different severs (Teams have not yet been assembled and are not functional; need volunteers for team leaders). Even some of the smallest details can help;

For example: In Monster Hunter 3 Tri in the Deserted Island, Area 11 towards the north end of the area there is a stream of bubbles coming from the wall.


Areas that need exploration


Forest and Hills, Old Jungle, Old Desert, Old Swamp, Old Volcano, Tower, Castle Schrade

Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Desert, Swamp, Volcano, Great Forest, Tower 2, Fortress, Battleground, Snowy Mountains Peak, Tower 3

Gorge, Great Forest Peak, Absolute Island, Nest Hole, Highland, Interceptor's Base, Tide Island


Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, Tundra, Moga Volcano, Mountain Peaks, Underwater Ruin, Great Desert, Sacred Land, Polar Zone, Lava Canyon, Mountain Summit, Disastrous Sea


Great Arena, Moat Arena, Moat Arena 2, Arena, Land Arena, Water Arena, Small Arena

Ruin Fields, Underground Cave, Primeval Forest

Areas that have been explored by which Team


  • -


  • -


  • -


To volunteer you need to put the following information down: IGN (in game name), What game, HR, what area, what time you are available for the expedition, and what server you are on (EU, USA, etc.).

You will be placed on a team accordingly. Additionally, if you would like to do this with a group of people of your choosing, please note that in your request.

Have fun, and safe hunting ^^

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