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    Latin names

    December 9, 2012 by WolfQueen

    This is a blog to determine the latin names (AKA scientific name) for the different monsters and their taxonomies. Use this page to discuss the latin names of monsters. When writing a comment about a possible latin name, explain also the meaning of your name,  and why you chose it for this monster.

    This blog will be updated with the latin name of the monsters, when they're decided. So please do not post a latin name for a monster that has been already decided.

    • Dracoleo ferox ferox: Common Barioth ("Ferocious dragon lion")
    • Dracoleo ferox desertica: Barioth Subspecies ("Ferocious desert dragon lion")
    • Leosimia montisrex montisrex: Common Blangonga ("Mountain king lion monkey")
    • Leosimia montisrex…

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